Worried About Your Dog’s Reproduction Issue? Here Is The Way To Resolve

If you have a female puppy at home, then you must be aware of the maturity time and puberty in it. Female dogs attain maturity and puberty at the age of six months. The smaller dimension breeds move into heat prior to six months, which can be early, as that of 4 months old. In comparison to larger breeds, the giant dogs come into heat from the age of one or above.

In most of the dogs, coming into heat takes place two times in a year. However, this variability can be more when the cycle starts for the first time. Some female dogs take eighteen months of age in developing the heat cycles. Others can take three to four cycles within a year and in larger breeds, it can be 12 months to 18 months.

In female dogs, when the heat cycle starts it lasts up to two or three weeks. This leads to cause vulvar discharge which signifies that the first cycle has been started. Females licking their vulva and it appears little swollen. As soon as the discharge stops, the size of the vulva gets back to the normal size. The clear indication of heat consisted of bleeding in the vaginal area.

Female dogs get friendly with male dogs the time when heat period starts, but they become friendlier after 7 to 10 days only. In this time span, the discharge is lesser and some female dogs when start feeling heavy bleeding in vagina there you must consult the veteran doctor. You can consult your vet when a bitch and a dog can do the sex in the season. However, to resolve this problem, surgery is suggested which is done 8 weeks when the cycle starts.

Usually, bitch is receptive towards the tenth day of the heat cycle. In such a time span, ovulation starts. Male dogs must have attained 6 months of age for mating. The veteran doctor can carry out the tests for the dog for determining whether a dog is ready for mating or not. Make sure for seeking help from the professional breeder when it is to resolve the reproduction matter in dogs. If you have a female dog then ensure for taking it to the male dog for mating.

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