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Dog Things

Information on canine anatomy, buying a dog and keeping it healthy through its lifetime.

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The best online resource for finding a place for your pup to play,, has a comprehensive list of parks across the nation, as well as steps for starting your own.

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A New Puppy

Welcome that new puppy with a care package from Friskies.

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Calm-Your-Cat. com

Learn how to reduce agitating factors by managing your cat's environment effectively.

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Use our searchable database to learn more about cat breeds, how they are classed and what's behind coat colors.

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Why? Find the answers at Spraying-and-

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Full of fun feline facts on health, history and humor, the name of this site says it all.

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Nutritional requirements, solutions to common feeding problems and advice on choosing the right food for your cat are all covered here.

Contains a wealth of information on cats, from preparing your home and buying a cat, to maintaining your cat's health through its life.

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Packed with helpful tips, general health guidelines, practical approaches to selecting the right veterinarian and addresses health issues, such as spaying and neutering.

Ease your new family member into your life with a Care Package from Friskies.

For New Puppy Owners:

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Questions, questions, questions... Let be your guide as you consider feline companionship.

Is your cat spraying and marking? Let the analogous pheromone Feliway help you curb your kitty's chaos.

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Why do cats act the way they do? We examine feline communication and the behaviors that make cats unique and enjoyable pets.

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Planning a trip? Let InterPetExplorer help find lodging for you and your pet, as well as provide tips for traveling with your pet.

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Offered through your veterinarian's NetworkVet site, lets you share the wonders of your pet on the web.

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What do you do when your pet's feeling the heat of a fever? Check out!

Offering the best in hoof repair products and state-of-the-art composite horseshoes, is the answer to keeping your horse or cow one step ahead of injury and lameness.

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With everything you need to know about keeping your horse happy at your finger tips, is your guide to ensuring a long and happy life with your horse.

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Based on human medical technology, is the active horses best friend.