When it comes to handling the mating aspects of dogs, reproduction knows how is important, but also the signs that need to be understood. The mating season for pets varies as per species and breeds as well as how the breeding should be done, pregnancy tests by vets and so forth. All such aspects can be daunting for a new pet owner.

To begin with, if you do not wish your pet to reproduce, you can get it neutered from the beginning. That helps reduce the aggression and heat that pets show in their cyclical breeding season. In case you wish to breed your pets, it is best to seek advice from a professional breeder. They would be able to guide as well as aid in getting the right mate for your pet.

Vets play an important role in pet breeding and reproduction aspects. Regular visits to the vet are required in order to run tests on pregnancy, understand when your female pet dog has come into heat and what to do if a breeding season proves unsuccessful. In case you decide not to allow your pet to mate further, splaying and neutering of your pet would be done by a vet.

This blog contains articles that would prove interesting and informative read on reproduction in common pets. If you wish to know about a particular breed, do write into us and we will try and get your information as required. This blog showcases helpful articles on different animal fertility issues as well.